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With Capixyl + Placental Shock de Luxe Lotion

With Capixyl + Placental Shock de Luxe Lotion

Article: 3.4.4

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Capixyl is a complex consisting of a planted tetrapeptide and an extract of red clover with high concentration of Biochanin A which fortifies and thickens hair. The Lotion also contains salicylic acid and resorcinol which in combination allowing to receive a pronounced anti-seborrhea, exfoliating and anti-inflammatory effect. Placental extract and extract of saw palmetto have direct stimulating and anti-androgenic effects. Hydrolyzed keratin improves the hair structure, gives extra shine and hair volume.

How to use: Apply 2ml of the lotion on the dry or wet scalp and hair. Massage in gently. Do not rinse the lotion. Apply daily. The minimum recommended course is 3 months.